The Playing Field of Life


As we start to move away from the concept of Spring Cleaning, I’d like to close the chapter on that notion with one thing I can promise you that you’ll benefit from eliminating from your life.

I mean it. If you’re able to banish this one behavior, I can guarantee that it will result in nearly immediate happiness. You will feel fulfilled. With both self love and purpose. And your blood pressure will likely come down a few points. 

So consider this your rally cry to stop comparing yourself to others. Right now, today, vow to stop using anyone other than yourself as your guide. Because simply having something in common with someone else – be it gender, career path, or a familial role or obligation – should not open the door for a tit-for-tat battle of your subconscious.

Because, my friends, there is no such thing as a level playing field in life.

So you can choose to measure your self worth based off of someone else’s yard stick, but only if you acknowledge that there are countless things you don’t know about their life. Perhaps they got a head start on their success with some money or perhaps they’re crumbling behind closed doors. 

You don’t know and you don’t need to.  

I mean, just imagine what would happen if you took the time and energy you spent thinking about someone else and invested it inside. 

Speaking of – there’s one other very important person you need to stop comparing yourself to and this is the you of yesterday, last week or 10 years ago. That person, too, was playing with a different hand of cards than you are now holding. 

And if we’re viewing our own self as an opponent, there will be endless barriers to feeling like we’ve ever truly “arrived.”

So here’s to stop using social media as a way to make us feel ugly. Or deciding that someone else’s promotion is indicative that we’re failing at life.

Because I can promise you that there’s someone out there looking at you and thinking “damn, they’ve got their shit together.

And despite what you may think, they’re very, very right.