The “New” is in You.


This time last week – just 7 days ago – the world was filled with promise and potential as we anticipated the dawn of a new year.

So I wonder if this morning you’re feeling that same sense of renewal? If the slate still seems so clean, so fresh? Are you still greeted with a blank page when you awake?

I’m pretty sure I know the answer. I have heard from so many of you who feel let down that the “newness” faded before it even seemed to get started. The ball dropped and we started writing “2019,” yet you’re still lucky if you grab a bite of breakfast as you barrel out the door.

Where’s the change? 

Well, for starters, I’d like to point out that there was no reason for you to believe that a new year would bring a new you in the first place. There is nothing cosmic that happens in the air on December 31st that would prompt you to wake up the next morning with a type of inner resolve that you’ve never possessed before.

Quite the contrary, we all – to some degree – fall victim to New Year’s as a Hallmark holiday of the self-care industry. Our newsfeeds are flooded with posts that attempt to persuade and inspire us to finally live our best year yet. It’s exciting. Our imagination starts to run. But our mindset, well, it’s still in bed.

That’s not to say we don’t want to change. The fact that we do is why all the “you can do this” jargon sparks something within. But I have to drop a truth bomb here and say that simply wanting to change doesn’t result in a transformation. Just like when someone vows to lose 20lbs. That only happens when they put the work in.

So in order to truly move forward, you need to 1) Stop looking around for newness (it’s not under the couch or bed – I checked) and 2) Start facilitating new things into your days. 

Part your hair a different way. Watch a different news outlet. Take a different route on your morning run. Try a new food. Change up your playlist. Wear a new scent. Befriend someone in the office. Pick a new lunch spot. Park in a different lot.

I’m serious. If you want to start facilitating real, tangible, life-changing change into your life, you need to start doing things differently. Not only will this shake up the stale routine you’ve come to lean on for its comfort, but it will kick start the incredible process of you truly getting to know yourself.

And yes, it might be a tad unsettling at first. But that’s the point here, people. What you’re settling for is not your best.

More on this to come. But until then, ask yourself, “what ‘new’ will I do today?”