Summer Senses


Over the past few days, we here in the Northeast have received the weather trifecta we’ve been anticipating for months: Blue skies, bright sun and warm temperatures, awakening both our bodies and our psyches.

There has been a notable shift in the collective mood, no doubt, due to this change in Mother Nature’s temperament. People are smiling (like they mean it), there is more spring in everyone’s step, and there’s just a general, noticeable and palpable sense of contentment.

Personally, as I find myself drawn to the outdoors – even with laptop in hand to escape when needed – I can’t help but feel my own senses elevated. The air dances with a scent of summer memories long ago and the birds, well, they’re playing my jam.

Yet as I take in all these experiences, I can’t help but wonder just how much I am appreciating them because of how long they’ve been missing. I mean, if I woke up everyday to such perfection, would I still bask in the hue of such a beautiful blue sky? Would I be caught with elation by the sensation of the grass under my bare feet?

Pretty sure that I wouldn’t. 

And this is the reason why we need contrast in our lives, my friends. To give ourselves space to truly recognize our blessings. Because if life was all sunshine and butterflies, we wouldn’t ever fully acknowledge their beauty. Their colors wouldn’t look as sharp. As mesmerizing.

So as you move forward through this week, let your senses awaken you to the gifts that surround you. Let them give you reason to pause. Don’t take them for granted. Because the truth is, as some point, they will be no longer.

And if you’re in a place of darkness right now – like the clouds rolling in as I write this, threatening to storm – know that that place is also temporary. 

Because the reason we must endure the torrential downpour, the lightening, is to see – and taste and feel – the sweetness of the sun on the other side of it. 

Here’s to a Badass and Beautiful life. Today and always.