Nothing is Forever


While I consider my clients blessings in so many ways, one of the biggest gifts they give me is an ongoing supply of thought-provoking inspiration.

Case in point: Over the course of the past couple of weeks, I have had numerous coaching sessions that have interestingly revolved around a reoccurring theme: People – both male and female – craving change in their life but feeling that it’s “too late.”

One of the most curious angles of these conversations is that these individuals represent a wide range of ages: From aspiring 20-somethings, to career-building 30-somethings, to life-contemplating 40-somethings and reflective 50-somethings, I listen as these incredible people justify their decision to settle.

In all honesty, it’s hard for me to sit quietly as they’re talking. 

So while I attempt to shine light for them on the fact that it is the fear of change and the unknown that ultimately makes one believe it’s “too late,” what I really want to say I choose to share with you today:

And that is that nothing is forever. No commitment – even those of the legal kind – cannot be untangled. This is not, of course, to suggest that you should bail when you’ve given your word. But if your circumstances have you feeling like you are caged, then it is time to leave. 

Because regardless of where you are in life, you still have countless unwritten chapters before you. 

Furthermore, the essence of time is directly proportionate to how we fill it. Not shaking things up is a fail-proof recipe that results in feeling like life is “flying by.” Institute change and new experiences, and suddenly, a year becomes something concrete, something tangible.

Oh, and did I mention that it’s okay to be scared? I’m still deciding what I want to be when I grow up (true story). So much so, that when I look down the road 5 or 10 years, there isn’t much I see with certainty. A couple of people are there with me, but other than that, I’m not so sure where I’ll be standing.

And, actually, that doesn’t scare me. It excites the sh*t out of me. A lot.

So today, on this Mundane Monday, I want to remind you that you have a choice:

Build a life built on opening doors with curiosity


Be chained to one where a glimpse at yesterday lets you deduce the end of the story.

Here’s to having more to write. 

With gratitude,