Milestones are for Celebrating


It did my heart well to hear from so many of you after last week’s Vibe regarding the ever-present temptation of throwing in the towel.  It seems we all needed a reminder that thinking about giving up and actually doing so are not one in the same, nor is the former indicative that the latter is inevitable.

After reading your emails I couldn’t help but think that we could all benefit from more of an exploration of the various factors that get in the way of us accomplishing our goals. 

Because the truth is, after all, that the path of the pursuit is never straight nor narrow. 

So today, I want to share another area in which I struggle mightily when it comes to keeping my eye on the prize. And believe it or not it has nothing to do with willpower or determination or resiliency or any other super power that has been deemed a prerequisite for success by some self-help book.

No, I – like so many of you – fail quite miserably when it comes to acknowledging that I’m even making progress in the first place. It’s as if I’m so focused on the end game (what is that, anyway?) that I don’t notice the milestones that are being accomplished along the way.

The result? Not only does this but-I’m-not-there-yet mindset lead to feelings of utter exhaustion and even resentment, but by not celebrating the small victories, we are missing out on rare and strategic opportunities to re-inject some wind underneath our drooping sails.

So, for example, as an attempt to make some strides in this arena, my boyfriend, Carl, and I have recently instituted a monthly “Still Standing” dinner, to acknowledge that, as small business owners, we have kept roofs over our various locations for another month. Part of me feels it’s ridiculous to celebrate something that should be a given, yet part of me knows all that goes in to making that happen. And it is so goddamn much.

That’s why when we “cheers” and give ourselves a temporary pat on the back we both find ourselves with an almost instantaneous renewed sense of passion, fueled by pride of where we’ve been and excitement about where we are going (even if that’s as simple as picking where we want to hold our “Still Standing” dinner next month).

Now – ask yourself: What type of reward system can you start to institute into your goal setting? What gives you cause to carve out a moment to celebrate? What have you done lately that has resulted in you getting just one tiny step closer to your ultimate goal?

Perhaps you haven’t given up yet. And that’s something, people.

In fact, the fact that you’re still standing represents a whole damn lot.

Cheers to YOU!