Innocent Until Proven Guilty


It goes without saying that we all know that proper diet and exercise are the pillars of good health. So it makes sense that as we strive to live our best lives that we place these habits at the top of our to-do list.

Meals prepped for the week: CHECK!

Workouts plannedCHECK!

In bed at a decent time: (kind of) CHECK!

But what happens when we fall short in one of these areas? When we succumb to the freshly baked cookies or opt to sleep another hour instead of getting to the gym? Are we able to turn the page or does guilt – like a bear – claw away at us in our heads?

If you find yourself feeling the latter, I’d like to offer some perspective to set the tone for the week. And I do so, no doubt, as a champion of all things sweaty and organic, a proponent of willpower, and a devotee of the notion that sacrifice is often a prerequisite for success.

But. That said. 

There is a time and a place for everything, my friends, and sometimes that chocolate chip cookie – when savored, mindfully – could serve as an instant shot of immunity for your soul. Just like staying in bed and listening to the rain could provide a de facto meditation session, and an impromptu happy hour with a friend suddenly becomes the best money you’ve spent on therapy. For you both.

I mean, how hypocritical of us to feel guilty for these things? For giving into the moment and listening to what our body is asking for at its core? I personally believe that the very fact that something nourishes us, provides us with sustenance, allows it to be defined as “healthy.” 

Excess calories and all.

Of course, there’s a fine line between indulging and derailing, but if you’re on this mailing list it’s likely that you have a strong internal compass to let you know when that line has been crossed. 

So trust it. And listen to yourself. And start loosening your grip on the whole guilt thing.

It just may be the very best thing you can do for your health.