Eat. Sleep. Summer.


One of the things I find myself really missing in our digital age is the literal flip of the calendar when a new month begins.

There’s something about that turn of the page that presents closure. That puts one month solidly in our past. And that presents the next one as the clean, fresh slate of opportunity that a new month truly is.

So over the weekend, that’s what happened for all of us. May came to an end and June began, prompting many of us to say “I can’t believe it’s June already,” officially nearing the halfway mark of 2019.

And if we aren’t careful, the 4th of July will soon be stomping on our doorsteps, reminding us that summer is not forever, and then Labor Day will leave us shaking our head with where-did-it-go distress.

That is why we must savor the season in front of us. And not just in terms of vacations and beach visits and cookouts the good ol’ Americana way. No, in order to truly stop time from slipping away we must incorporate the season into our daily routine. We must heed the begs from Mother Nature at our window for us to come out and play.

So ask yourself how can you take advantage of the extra daylight? Perhaps it’s an early morning walk. Or a small gardening project that gives you an excuse to indulge in some deep breaths. Maybe you take your morning cup of coffee al fresco or wind down at night with some reading on the patio. 

Whatever allows you to kick off your shoes, feel the grass under your feet and taste summer like you were a kid again.

I hope you will join me in this mission. To understand that summer is a season, not an event.

One, where on the daily, we should eat, sleep, summer and repeat.

So that when it comes time to turn the page on it, we’re not filled with an ounce of regret.