Dear Fear of Missing Purpose…

Dear Fear of Missing Purpose,

Congratulations on reaching such a momentous milestone of your existence! Your mindset summarizes just what its arrival represents: The acknowledgement that you have decades behind you yet so many more promising chapters to write.

And the thing is you get to now choose how you move forward. But that’s scary, isn’t it? Because although I don’t know anything about your private life it’s likely safe to assume that up until this point many things have been dictated for you. Perhaps you had a family. A career. Or both. 

But now, it’s your time.

Amazing, isn’t it, how when we’re presented with a blank canvas it’s hard to know where to start? As if choosing the wrong color or brush could dictate an undesirable ending before we even begin?

Yet that’s exactly what you must do, Fear of Missing Purpose. You must start painting with zero regard for the final product. Use the colors and mediums that speak to you. That feel good. That make your soul happy. 

Make a mess. Splatter paint the hell out of your life.

And while you’re at it, let’s ditch the idea of “using your time wisely.” Those words are reserved for standardized tests and other things whose existence prove to have very little value. In fact, if you truly want to know what the title is of your next chapter, you will stop worrying about being so damn responsible. 

Because true purpose only finds us when we find the courage to part with all the things we think we “should” be doing with our lives.

So my advice, dear friend, is to fill your time un-wisely.

To embrace that you don’t find your purpose. It finds you. 

To understand that purpose is in no way about productivity. 

It’s about honoring the work of art lying dormant inside of you.