Dear Fear of Being a Fraud…

Dear Fear of Being a Fraud,

Oh how many people feel this way yet never – ever – have the courage to admit it. You are nothing if not brave, my friend. I hope you know that.

But, of course, you don’t.

Because for some reason, you’ve made a subconscious decision to trust everyone else around you before trusting yourself. You’ve made your peers experts, authorities, without knowing much about their experience or credentials. 

No, their worth – in your eyes – is based solely on the lack of worth you see in yourself.

Which leads me to wonder two things: For starters, why are you so concerned with doing things “wrong,” when there’s rarely an actual right and wrong way to begin with?  At the end of the day, it’s the outcome that’s desired; the methods used to get there – or the time it took to get from Point A to Point B – are what make you, beautifully, uniquely you.

And that actually brings me to my second question: Why are you so scared to shine your light, Fear of Being a Fraud? Because that’s what I’m hearing speak the loudest in your letter – a fear of actually being the one who gets it (dare I say) right. Of being the brightest freakin’ bulb.

So perhaps it’s not so much a fear of failure but rather of success that prompts you to make things so much harder than they actually need to be. Perhaps you’re getting in your own way as a tactic to maintain the status quo amongst your friends. 

One where they’re the rockstars who are revered, and you’re, well, not.

Because I can promise you that those around you who you think have everything ticked and tied are stumbling and bumbling through the process just as much as you are.

Yet it is you, Fear of Being a Fraud, who actually has the courage to admit that you’re still a work in progress.

And that – the willingness to be vulnerable – is something that most people go a whole lifetime without ever figuring out.