“Guided by the belief that both the body and mind were designed to progress, even if moving forward requires taking a step back to reflect.”

The power of a new beginning. A turning of the page. A clean slate. What would you do if you were given the opportunity to reinvent yourself? What elements of your life would you leave behind? Which would you take?

Those questions have spurred the official relaunch of Badass and Beautiful, a collection of commentary that is evolving to encompass aspects of your life you’d probably prefer not to address. You will still be delivered messages of tough love with an emphasis on propelling yourself forward. But now, it be layered with a powerful examination of what has you dissatisfied with where you currently stand.

We like to consider it a take on the process of elimination. A way of bettering your chances of achieving what you’re seeking by understanding that which sends you running away.

So dive in, and be patient. With both yourself and the process.

Here’s to being so good you were worth the wait.

One thought on “THE RELAUNCH

  1. Reading this blog & seeing your passion for your craft is very refreshing and motivating. Here’s to new beginnings and the rebirth of one’s self.

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