What gets us to strive to be better than our current selves? That is the question at the heart of Badass and Beautiful, a forum of insight, stories and reflections designed to inspire ultimate greatness. If you are comfortable with vulnerability and hearty doses of tough love, then you likely will feel at home here. And, if you’re not, we hope you’ll settle in to your discomfort and decide to stay.

Because the utmost priority of Badass and Beautiful is to challenge you.  To challenge you to examine the issues in your life by looking them straight in the face.  We’re not here to provide virtual pep talks but to teach you how to become your own best motivator. So that you can stop depending on – and blaming – others for getting (or not getting) your way.

So if you’re really serious about making changes in your life and are ready to stop tripping over yourself, read on.

Just be prepared to emerge inherently better than you were yesterday.

About The Author:

In motion more often than not, Suzanne Vita is an Empowerment Coach whose philosophy is heavily rooted in the concept of mind over matter. She’s guided by her belief that both the body and mind were designed to progress, even if moving forward requires taking a step back to reflect.


Through a combination of movement, mindfulness, and written and spoken word, Suzanne’s approach directly addresses the barriers many of us have self-constructed to stand in our own way. Her work is insightful, progressive and, at times, uncomfortable, but the end result is an image in the mirror that reflects back the version of ourselves we always wanted to be.

While Suzanne’s ultimate love is communicating in a way that makes people stop and think, her day job involves being the owner and director of Upper Deck Fitness, a growing family of fitness facilities based in Connecticut. Her brand’s Prescribed Fitness approach speaks directly to the way she encourages all of us to live our lives: with intention, strategy and plenty of opportunities for play.


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