A Ripple Effect of Kindness

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Welcome to the first installment of The Weekly Vibe, a message designed to leave you better than you were yesterday.

Today’s topic begins with a quick story about a recent shopping trip I took to Target. And although I could wax poetic about my relationship with the store, this anecdote has nothing to do with the retailer itself.

But a few days ago, as I was walking up the stairs to my happy place, I passed a young woman who was impeccably dressed and sporting the most unbelievably beautiful blue hair. It was not punk rocker-esque, but rather tasteful, oddly natural looking and reminiscent of a runaway.

I smiled at her and thought in my head, “what GREAT hair!”

But as I hit the next floor of stairs, the pretty blue lady well on her way to her car, I found myself stopped in my tracks. “Why didn’t I say that out loud to her?” I thought. I literally wanted to run after her. But of course, I did not.

For at least the next hour (and still, right now, as we speak), I couldn’t shake the lady with the blue hair. Moreover, I couldn’t wrap my head around why it wasn’t instinctual for me to share the compliment with her. I began to realize just how much I think kind things about people that I do not actually say.

We are taught, as children, that if you don’t have anything nice to say, that you shouldn’t say anything at all. And in many ways, it’s sound advice. But what about when you DO have something nice to say? Shouldn’t we be sharing it? Shouldn’t we be realizing that the making of someone else’s day starts with ourselves?

So that is my vibe for you this week: Kindness. Start a ripple effect by simply speaking the good you see. Maybe it’s someone’s smile that catches your eye – or their handwriting. Whatever it is, big or small, if you think something, say something. Consider it an experiment for this week.

Oh and please, if anyone knows the lady with the blue hair, I’d be most grateful if you could pass this along.

Here’s to a Badass and Beautiful week, my friends!