Training Daze – Week 1

Rita’s account continues with her recap of her official first day of training…

Really thrilled that Suzanne is willing to trade expertise. She could definitely use some stress relief and I could definitely use — you know — everything. I’m so excited to be working with someone who has so much potential to get and give.

Our first day together was all about me, yay — I think. Suzanne put me through some initial moves to get a sense of my ability. Not as bad as I feared, but I do really dislike looking in the mirror. She moved me to another part of the room and was gracious enough not to weigh me!

It was tough. I’m definitely out of breath and struggling by the end of the circuit but it feels good. It’s familiar. I’m feeling borderline depleted but happy. Endorphins? Maybe… Or maybe I’m feeling just a teensy bit proud of myself. Plus I have an awesome, extremely badass trainer. #Positiveandstrong


Okay so I’m not a badass. The next day everything hurt. My legs were like lead. The day after that it was worse. Could barely sit on the toilet (this ain’t gonna be pretty folks). It took a few days, but I got better. I persevered. Did the cardio for 35 minutes as instructed on Day 2, then again for 15 minutes on Day 3, yoga and walking Day 4. On Day 5 we meet again. Yay?  Stay tuned…

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