Because Life is Long.

Carpe Diem. Seize the Day. It has long served as the rally cry for the adventurous, the spontaneous, and those who sometimes wish they had the courage to be either of the two.

But I was recently gifted with a twist on this philosophy that has provided much perspective, one that serves as both a direct contrast and an equal truth to the notion that “life is short.” It has shaped my choices and fueled my actions, while correspondingly diminishing my guilt about them. So I share my take on it now in hopes that it will do the same for you.

Because, my friends, life is long.

Yes, because life is long, I insist on carefully choosing my company, those who will form my circle and whom I will keep close. I will cherish the importance of give and take, while being aware that an imbalance in these roles is a red flag demanding attention. Because life is too long to have your spirit robbed or suffocated by those who believe anything else.

Because life is long I will demand that my skills and talents are used to their best advantage. That they are not manipulated nor abused, yet are instituted to better the existence of someone else. I will not accept being placed in a position that compromises my values or quality of life simply to serve another’s agenda. Because life is too damn long to wake up every morning only to dread going into work.

Because life is long I will not skimp on taking care of my body, from the food I put in it each day to the rest I strive to get every night. Simultaneously I will recognize the significance fun and play contribute to my health and will NOT approach them with a life-is-short mentality. Because life is too frigin’ long to keep offering up a justification every time you do something that feels undeniably oh-so-good.

Because life is long I will not settle. For anything. Because I’m aware that while there’s a time and place for spontaneity, there are things called consequences that follow us and what we decide – or don’t decide – to do. So stop the thinking and wishing, and just do whatever it is you keep circling back to with your contemplating. Because life is so incredibly long that you’ll either be held captive or set free by what you choose.

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