For When You Wander…

When you find yourself craving solid ground,
as you roam, a stranger in the world you used to own
Know that while your feet may dangle, they still move beneath you,
carrying you towards the zip code you will come to call your home.

When you find yourself hungry for contact,
a touch, a stare, a thinking-of-you, anything to suggest you don’t walk alone
Know that wandering separately does not mean you’re not a part of something.
It just means you’re still evolving from that which you’ve ever known.

When you find yourself always on the edge of falling,
blood like fire, air eluding you, knot in your chest
Know that your body is reminding you that you are a living, formidable being.
One that is capable of feeling. And that is begging for a break, to rest.

When you find yourself wondering how much longer,
searching frantically for the remedy this all needs to be healed
Know that nothing breaks without the promise of rebuilding,
that the outcome is too good to be imagined, it must be revealed.

And when you find yourself finally breathing,
head high, rhythm and purpose once again in your step
Know that the earth is not done shifting and your feet could still lose their footing.
But now you will always be ready. Because this landslide was your prep.

4 thoughts on “For When You Wander…

  1. Suzanne, love this. I came across a sign one day ” I never met strong person with an easy past” and I smiled to myself !
    Thank you for sharing …

  2. Wow….Love it….and I love the old Marine saying…Pain is weakness leaving the body…mental or physical….it is how we live and grow…lessons to be learned and the strong learn from it, grow and get stronger…..and move on……

    Love you Suzanne….

  3. Beautifully written, your words filled me up and are the exact words I needed at this crossroad. Rich, earthy, a vividly colored picture of life. Thanks for sharing your words with the world.

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