Ego Vs. Edge

Good. Better. Best. For many, life is a constant stream of competitions, scenarios that present the opportunity for us to show the world what we’ve got.

But what propels one to rise to the status of victor? What separates those who are still reaching from those standing proudly on top? The answer is inherently bigger than skill, beauty or preparation. Rather it’s a fundamental understanding of where you stack up in those things compared to everyone else.

This thing is incredibly personal and powerful. It is your edge, and you should own it and carry it with you wherever you go. It is not to be confused with an ego, that falsely inflated image some attach to themselves like a shadow. This isn’t what you want to be or what you think you are. It’s what you know.

What do you do better than anyone? Or, at the very least, what do you do better than most? If you’re having a hard time answering, you better do some serious soul searching. Because we all have something that makes us an individual. And no one is going to believe in what you’re selling if you don’t believe you have anything worth being sold.

Simultaneously, start fine-tuning your competitive radar. Be able to decipher those who have an edge versus an ego, be it in the pursuit of sport, career or love. Don’t be so willing to consider yourself at a deficit simply because someone is putting on an act that you’ve bought a ticket to. Understand that all that bravado is just disguising flaws you need to be better at in order to score.

So start taking inventory of what you bring to the table. Be clear about what sets you apart. If you have areas that need fine tuning, work on them. But let the air out of the ego.  It’s time to start focusing on being sharp.







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