It happens – perhaps more often than we’d like – but life has a way of interfering with our best laid plans, delighting in the pleasure of throwing us off course.

It may come in the form of an unexpected phone call, a newly formed deadline or an act of Mother Nature.  Whatever shape it takes, it demands your attention and essentially says “screw you” to whatever you had hoped to get done.

But here’s the thing:  Whether that curve ball knocks you off for an hour, a day or even a season, the real problem comes when you allow its momentum to derail you completely.  It’s when you in turn say “screw this,” and throw up your hands in frustration, commencing a personal pity party to mourn the short-lived existence of your best intentions.

Because the impact of a poor decision or a workout missed can be contained if you allow the incident to be isolated.  Feel free to acknowledge it sucks if you must, but then go ahead and turn the damn page.  Translation:  Resolve to not let it win and get the hell over it.

I mean do you really think you’re the only one dealing with some challenges?  Wait – don’t answer – because the fact that you spew your less-than-desirable conditions as excuses confirms for me that you actually do.  But while you’re singing Woe is Me at your pity party, others facing the same predicaments are getting it done.  They picked themselves up.  At the very next moment, essentially erasing any damage done.

This is what truly separates those who do from those who are so quick to say “I couldn’t.”  The ability to put something behind them, quickly, almost as if it never occurred.  Sure it takes willpower, but it also takes foresight to acknowledge that the longer we wait to get back on track the more strength we will have to summon to do so.  When that hour turns into a day into a weekend, we find ourselves behind the eight ball in every sense of the term.

So be proactive.  Acknowledge that anything can and will happen, but what defines us is how we choose to respond.  Lose the “screw this” mentality and replace it instead with one that shouts “bring it on.”  If you really want whatever it is you’re after, you’ll consider this a prerequisite for the job.

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