Still Swinging  an occurrence of rebounding or springing back; a movement back from an impact. 

Life.  It’s beautiful and complicated and ridiculously messy.  It pushes and pulls, and sometimes it punches.  Punches you down until you’re pinned to the ground, at which point it can keep relentlessly plummeting.   That is until you stand back up, give it a shove and show it who the hell the boss is.

But how is it that some always manage to find their feet faster than others? The answer involves an innate ability to rebound, to harness the energy of the seemingly disastrous and channel it towards an envisioned positive outcome. It requires reframing challenges as opportunities and recognizing the power of opposition. Because oftentimes the best punches are thrown from an arm that has been bent back.

Not a skill, but a character trait, resiliency is something that is deeply imbedded in our DNA. But the true development of it comes from repeatedly implementing a few critical strategies whenever life turns less than perfect.  This list, although far from comprehensive, presents a few fundamentals for a must-have survival guide for staying in the game.  Hone them and you’ll find yourself feeling less daunted by seemingly unfortunate acts.

Tune In. And then Tune Out.  When life beats you up, you are bound to find yourself emotional.  Don’t let those reactions rule you.  Acknowledge them for what they are but then make it a point to separate yourself from them.  Feelings have an undeniable way of distorting the facts.

Reprioritize. Daily.  In the midst of staring down an obstacle, you must reassess your situation on a daily basis.  What aspects of it demand your attention today?  Which can be avoided?  Be incredibly clear and articulate about the necessary next steps.

Surround Yourself with Everything that Makes You You.  Fill your time with whatever makes you happy.  Whether it’s people, activities or visiting particular places, be wherever feels like home.  It will remind you why you’re still fighting for everything you are.

Accept That It Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better.  It will take a while for the dust to settle, but be patient.  Know that when it does the air will be fresh and your view will be crystal clear.

Fake It Until You Make It.  Beware of getting stuck in your own self pity.  Because just as disappointment causes additional grief, the same is true for the positive. Present yourself like you’re in control and you’ll soon find yourself believing your own act.



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