Dear Self,

Dear Self,

As the year unfolds, you find yourself with a blank canvas.  It is no different than the dawn of any other day, yet it summons time for reflection.  So let’s indulge and take the time to articulate your plans for the days, weeks and months ahead.  But let’s do it in the reverse, painting a picture of what you want by relying on the process of elimination.

In other words, here, in no particular order, is what you will not deem acceptable as you continue moving towards the life you know is truly worth living:

There will be no time spent on coaxing others to buy in to what you’re offering.  You will attract those who are compelled and moved by the value of your being.  Anyone who questions it or needs further proof can find what they’re seeking amongst the masses.

You will minimize the people and situations that drain you of your vital energy.  Eliminating them is impossible.  So accept that.  But know that the only person who can put up the necessary boundaries is you.  Consider it a security measure, as you safeguard your soul.

There will never be an occasion that warrants you giving less than your absolute best.  Every event, every obligation deserves 110% of your presence.  You will be fully focused, committed and aware that even failure can – and often will – result from deep desire and determination.

You will separate yourself from any habit or behavior that doesn’t promote optimal health.  Just do so with the awareness that taking this step will likely lead others to call you selfish or take stabs at your vanity.  Let them do it.  The energy you derive from taking care of yourself will be all you need to combat their offenses.

There will never, ever be a lowering of your standards.  Remember this when you find yourself disappointed, doubting the level of your expectations.  They are not too high but possibly misplaced on the wrong individuals or situations.

You will not back down from your deepest aspirations, even when they seem daunting.  Your desires define you and they exist to test how badly you want them.   Stare them down and then attack them.  You will only become a more genuine version of yourself in the process.

There will be no censoring of your thoughts, needs or communication of them with any other being.  Yes, sometimes space and silence are necessary.  But if you have something to say, say it.  Whatever results from the sharing was exactly what was meant to happen.

Keep these commandments close, Self, and reread them with frequency. If you do, you will have a whole year ahead of you of todays that will be better than your yesterdays.

Live by example.  Be Badass and Beautiful.


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