Re-Teach Me

8 Things You Must Unlearn If You Want to Lose Weight and Get Fit for Good

With the inevitable increased focus on weight loss swirling around the dawn of a new year, we thought it was time to have you unlearn some critical misconceptions that are standing in the way of you getting fit.  We do this, of course, Badass and Beautiful style, laced with plenty of tough love.  After all, this stuff has been shoved down your throat for years, so getting you to spit it up is going to take a couple of whacks.

1.    Snacks Belong in Backpacks:  In other words, unless you carry a superhero lunchbox and take a mid-morning nap on the floor, there is no need for you to be snacking between meals. Forget what you’ve heard about keeping your blood sugar stable or your metabolism humming.   If you eat enough at your meals your stomach won’t have to eat every few hours.  (Funny how you can’t find time to exercise, yet there’s always time to stop for a snack.)

2.    Fat is NOT a Dirty F-Word: If there was ever a nutrient that has been vilified, it is fat, and I’m on a personal vendetta to give it a makeover.  Because dietary fat does not equal body fat.  End. Of. Story.  Proof?  I eat twice the amount of the stuff a day than the good ol’ FDA says I should and I’ve never been leaner.  Of course, this does not include that trans fat nonsense found in fried foods and donuts.  But you knew that, didn’t you?  You should, because you’re smarter than that.

3.    You Can Eat the Whole Egg.  Really.  Have you ever thought about how bizarre it is to take a food and segment it into halves, only to then throw its most nutritious part away?  Or, has it ever struck you as odd to pour eggs – or some version of them – out of a carton?  It should.  Eggs were meant to be cracked out of a shell and eaten whole – cholesterol and all.  They, like fat, have gotten a terrible rap (and are something I eat each and everyday).

4.    Don’t Bother Justifying Your Booze:  No disrespect to my Italian heritage, but the lingering research suggesting that a glass of wine a day is “good for your heart” has been one of the most damaging developments to affect our industry.  Because all it did was give people an excuse to indulge – with regularity – in an otherwise unhealthy habit.  Translation:  Cut out alcohol and watch your belly shrink by the end of the week.

5.     Your Metabolism is Not to Blame:  Do you even know what your metabolism is?  Then why do you keep referencing it as the source of your struggles with losing weight?  If you’re going to be so brazen as to use it as an excuse, you should know that it pretty much translates to a lack of movement.  So stop yapping about it pronto and start doing some squats.

6.    Numbers Mean Nada:  Hands down, this is the most important piece of information to digest.  A truly healthy diet does not involve counting anything – calories, grams, points or numbers on a scale.  If you’re eating the right stuff, you don’t have to worry about quantity. So free yourself of the tallying and negotiating.  This is your health we’re talking about.  Not some game of roulette.

7.    Milk Has Never Done a Body Good:  Sip on this:  The potential hazards of the white stuff far outweigh any benefits it may deliver, including – gasp – the calcium it contains.  They have worked marketing magic around milk, making dairy synonymous with strong bones and a tiny waist, but it’s at the top of my list of foods that if removed result in instantly better health (and if you’re really serious about having strong bones, you’ll try lifting some weights).

8.    Eat Clean and You Won’t Have to Cleanse:  This really should be common sense, but cleanses and detoxes have become so damn trendy that they’ve made us forget the basics of nutrition.  And that is that if you’re eating a clean diet full of whole foods and void of processed ones, there’s nothing to have to rid your body of.  Yes, doing so will inevitably help you lose a few pounds, but so would strapping your mouth shut with a muzzle.  So do us all a favor and skip the cleanse (because you’re nothing but cranky and full of complaining when you’re on it).

2 thoughts on “Re-Teach Me

  1. Amen, sister!!! Tough love (aka TRUTH) may be hard to swallow, but I know once I drank the juice I benefited not only physically but mentally as well…especially when it comes to dairy! So many things we have to “un-learn” in life, even if its just baby steps we’ll already be closer to where we want to be than yesterday.

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