The Power of Potential

Potential.  The word alone evokes such a sense of promise.  One thing has the opportunity to become another, resulting in pure, intoxicating hope.  Without much thought, we find ourselves enamored with what something could be.

We’ve all spoken about potential in regards to people, places and situations.  A house has potential to become a home, a new job can potentially propel you into a rewarding career.  Relationships in our life have the power to be transformative – typically assuming, of course, that one of the parties involved evolves to what the other deems to be their ultimate.  We see capacity.  And then we wait.  Eagerly.  For it to be fulfilled.

So what is it that turns potential into actuality?  And, perhaps more importantly, what is it that thwarts such promise from becoming real, tangible truth?  The answer – to both – is twofold.  It’s the deadly combination of desire and action.  Armed with that duo, potential serves as a spark for a much bigger fire.  Without it, you’re just left with a smoldering of what could have, might have been.

Which is why we all owe it to ourselves to keep this in mind when we find ourselves presented with opportunity.  Whether it comes in the form of a new venture or a new year, being given a fresh chance is simply an invitation to prove yourself – to indicate that you’re worthy of the end result.  Without Opting In, that potential will just sit there, losing its luster with every minute it goes untapped.  And unfulfilled potential has the tendency to transform into the original’s polar opposite, as disappointment quickly replaces fading hope.

This is precisely the intoxicating nature of potential.  On the same level it can evoke optimism of promise, it can also lure us with its luster only to fail to deliver on the advertised goods. This is particularly true when it involves us seeing the best possible attributes in people who themselves don’t grasp the power they behold. By wanting something more for someone than they want it for themselves, we waste valuable time as we fall as martyrs onto our own double-edged swords.

So if you find yourself blessed with potential, recognize it for the gift it is and do everything in your power to explore every ounce of its worth.  Dive in, work hard and then challenge yourself to work even harder.  Because fulfilled potential only generates more opportunities.  It’s a constant, ever-evolving process.  You give and it returns.

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