Fit to be Thankful

So, yes.  Getting fit and healthy requires effort.  And, yes, maintaining any progress achieved can sometimes feel like a chore.  But since I’m a firm believer in the power of perspective, I’d like to take a moment to spin that equation.  Because when it comes to being fit and healthy, I can’t think of anything I’m more grateful for.

For starters, the fact that I have the capacity to move – and to do so freely, without any limitations – may just be the biggest gift I have ever received.  So I run because I can, lift heavy because my muscles allow me and stretch often because the body was designed to bend. Because, quite honestly, I find it humbling to keep in mind that not every body has equal access to movement.  It prompts me to kiss the ground for each and every step my two functioning legs are able to take.

This is also why I don’t consider it a burden – but a blessing – to fuel myself with clean, healthy food.  How could I not take advantage of the fact that I live in a place where produce is widely accessible and my untainted water supply flows like liquid gold?  Oh and did I mention that I’m fortunate enough to have a job and corresponding income to pay for these assets?  If you’ve ever lamented that it’s “so hard” to eat healthy you simply have no idea how frigin lucky you are.

Speaking of lucky, I am so much so that I actually have a bed and a pillow to lay my head on.  And I get to do this in a warm house, under a dry roof that ensures that I sleep safe and sound.  So getting a good night’s rest is not a luxury, but a way of paying homage to this life that I was fortunate enough to receive.   And recharging my batteries only guarantees that I’m able to rise, pull up my bootstraps and kick the crap out of the next glorious day.

The bottom line is that we would all benefit from a reframing of the health and fitness paradigm.  As in stop viewing it as something we must grudgingly preserve and instead nurture these aspects as the precious, invaluable gifts they actually are.  To think that every single day we are given the opportunity – and the resources – to become better, stronger versions of ourselves is remarkable.  You cannot put a price tag on it, yet ironically, our world is filled with people willing to pay a hefty sum to sidestep doing it for themselves.

So I am thankful.  Not only for being a healthy, living human being, but for the responsibility that comes with keeping me so.  Every ounce of effort I put forth is my way of saying thank you.  As long as I continue to wake up in the morning, you can be damn sure that I’ll be using everything I’ve been blessed with to pour it full.

2 thoughts on “Fit to be Thankful

  1. Love the fit to be thankful…we are all so lucky that we have so much at are finger tips….so much to be thankful for…..I certainly am….


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