Silent Stance

When we typically talk about motivation, there’s a good deal of emphasis placed on sparking a call to action, on summoning a desire so deep it propels us to take both the figurative and literal next steps.

It’s precisely what we’re getting at when we speak of the need to Opt In.  The theory goes that if you want something, you’ll make a conscious decision to put effort towards it.   Inaction, on the other hand, equals indifference, right?

Nope.  Wrong.  Try again.

Because the act of being passive and choosing not to act is just that – a choice.  And while it may not speak as loudly on the surface as a defiant stance, its echo can be equally as deafening.

To understand this concept we must look at the desire/drive relationship from a different vantage point.  Instead of simply applauding passion for the fire that it is, this requires a corresponding acceptance that not wanting something is utterly as defining.

It can also be as unwavering, as unchangeable as when a mission controls a mind.

So we shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss it.  To brush off ours or someone else’s apathy as laziness or the inability to truly recognize the importance of what’s on the line.  Because doing so has the potential to instill a sense of false hope, to make us believe that there’s opportunity to convince that the fight is worth the prize.

Which is why we should be beware of the need for persuasion.  Whether for yourself or others – coaxing – although sometimes helpful, shouldn’t become a daily chore.   If we let the lack of fight speak just as loudly as the willingness to go Gloves On, everyone will have a better chance of ending up with what they truly deserve.

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