Gloves On

There’s something so insanely Badass and Beautiful about putting up a fight.

Not in the form of resistance but as an act of desire, of wanting, just knowing something so badly that it burns like a fire in you running like lava through your blood.

Problem is there’s not enough fighting of this kind going on in the world.   In its place is a hell of a lot of settling, of just assuming that things won’t work or weren’t “meant to be.”  I’ve never understood why we waste time on what should when we have the opportunity – instead – to explore what could.  Because personally speaking, the latter presents a lot more potential to me.

So what is it that causes us to bow down when our conviction is depending on us to grow a backbone and lace up the gloves?  Is it the inherent truth that by putting up a fight we are taking a risk that we might lose?  Irony is that’s precisely what’s so beautiful about it – believing in something so much that you’re willing to potentially fall on your face in its pursuit.  And yes, someone, something inevitably has to surrender, but there’s nothing that says that someone has to be you.

What it all boils down to is assuming the role of the victor as opposed to the victim, of actually believing that we deserve what it is we want.  Because if we operate from this place there can be no losing.  Only winning.  For being better off for having fought.

It is my wish for you that you have a life worth fighting for.  And may it be filled with people and particulars that would fight like hell for you if given a shot.  Because it’s not a battle if only one side shows up.  Because without push and pull, you’re just fighting yourself.

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