I Think, Therefore I Do

A life built on purpose.  Do you live one?  Better yet, do you own one? In order to move forward, you must have an objective.  Otherwise, what would you be moving towards?

To be clear, this goes above and beyond the concept of goal setting, although there’s a magnetic pull of a connection between the two.  Living with purpose involves intention, a buzzword I use with both hope and reluctance, because I personally fear that in some circles it’s being abused.

It’s the whole think-it-and-it-will-come-mentality that has given the concept of intention a bad wrap, as if merely wanting something is enough of a prerequisite to make it come to you.  Quite the contrary, intention is what shapes and guides our actions, fueling us en route for the respective outcome.  Desire means nothing if it doesn’t clarify what you have to do.

Now obviously the Badass and Beautiful mantra is one that promotes (very) big thinking.  Because we all could afford to expect a little more out of ourselves, to pay less attention to the possibilities that could get in the way.   So if I were you, I’d make a point to articulate – in writing, on paper, right now – the being you think you were designed to be.   Not what others want for you, but whatever follows your “ideally…”

Then you must align your daily behavior with that purpose.  Dial down the bigness into smaller, tangible goals that you could skip, run or hobble across as stepping stones on your way.  Act daily – and with passion – towards these landmarks.  Research, seek guidance, network.  Put it out there with emphasis – and with frequency.

But as you move forward, just be prepared for the universe to attempt to derail you.  Because it will, somewhat violently, as it tests the integrity of what you intend to do.  And while it might be easy to view these so-called signs as a bigger power’s vote to the contrary, don’t forget who’s in the driver’s seat.  As long as you stay focused on where you’re going, you’ll get there.  Even if it means heading down another road.

One thought on “I Think, Therefore I Do

  1. Even if your on the wrong road you have got to keep moving…you will eventually get to where you need to be…..Phyllis Dohmannn

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