Make Me.

Who in your life knows who you want to be?  Sit for a few minutes and ponder this.  Think of those around you – at work, in love and beyond – and ask:  Who is as familiar with my future self as they are with the version that exists today?

If you have the courage to view your relationships through this lens, you will come to define your true support system. Not that it needs to be members deep, but it must include a handful of key players who will frequently – and without second thought – challenge you to stay true to your goals.  Because while there is inherent value in having someone meet us where we are, there’s a golden price tag to be placed upon those who will get us to where we are going.  Because acceptance should never be mistaken for accountability when it comes to doing what we love.

I practice this regularly in my life and always have, often notifying my select few of my ambitions just moments after I’ve defined them.  I’ve always found that there’s something to be said for the no-turning-back-mentality that occurs when you let others in on tasks that seem nothing but daunting at first glance.  I have also over time whittled down my go-to group to exclude the passive discouragers who clearly find my drive to be threatening.  We all have these people in our lives, and quite frankly, we should never let their insecurities get in our way.

So do yourself a favor and take inventory of those around you.  Be honest about who is holding you back and then, on the flipside, take stock of those who propel you to be the very best you can possibly be.  Just keep in mind that the latter involves more than embracing your past or standing beside you in the present.  It requires a hefty dose of faith and total buy in to the life you know you were meant to lead.

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